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Effectiveness evaluation of personalized-precision Homoeopathic Medical Interventions in Autism Spectrum Disorder Management: A Case Series Report


  • skanthesh Lakshmanan NRF



The prevalence of Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) is significantly increasing trend globally and considering its high prevalence now its also termed "ASD epidemic". Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are a group of neuro-developmental disorders found in children which are chronic in its presentation. ASD affects children’s social, communicative and interactive behavior spheres. The etiology of ASD is complex and its understanding has significant limitations. ASD patients also tends to have high significance of co comorbidities like epilepsy, Schizophrenia, IBS, cranial anomalies etc. Despite of ASD's high prevalence there are significant limitations with its conventional medicine understanding and therapeutic approach. That may be possibly due complexity of ASD aetiology, multi sphered impact of diseases and symptoms manifestation change with individuals. Thus understanding and management approach of ASD demands personalised and holistic approach. In this background Homeopathy can be a potential system for the Management of ASD. As homeopathy interventions are focused upon personalised-precisive approach and it relay upon holistic understanding of body, mind and consciousness. there are very limited scientific publication with evaluation of effectiveness of homoeopathy intervention with ASD conditions. Thus here we report  case series of ASD patients treated with personalised-precisive approach of homeopathy. A total of 30 diagnosed cases of both genders below 12 yrs of age with clinical symptoms of ASD were selected. CARS scale assessment was used to evaluate the pre intervention status. Outcome of the treatment evaluated by analyzing the symptom change and assessing post CARS scale values. Final evaluation of the data was done with paired ‘t’  test. Results indicate that one year of homoeopathic personalised-precisive intervention observed to give improvement to ASD symptoms along with overall improvement in health status. CARS scale value observed to significantly reduced in cases. The case series documentation can be considered as an ideal practice based evidence for establishing effectiveness of personalised-precision homeopathic intervention  in the management of ASD conditions. How ever well designed clinical trails are required further in order to evaluate the effectiveness of homeopathy in ASD conditions for establishing high quality totality of evidence.



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